Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The blogiversary.

So, I completely missed my first blogiversary. Does this mean we have to break up?

I hope not. It wasn't intentional. I just kept putting it off and then it was January and I was like 'oh sh*t' and now it's February and I'm finally posting this.

That's how my brain works. What can I say?

So, anyway, one year ago (in October) I started this little blog. I wasn't really sure what I wanted out of it. I just knew that I liked writing stories for my irl peeps (I didn't even know what that meant before October) and I needed to find another outlet besides their inboxes. That's what they told me anyway.

Remember when I told you all about my bitz and how I came up with the name for this little blog.

Then, I introduced you to my crazy cat hoarding neighbors, my conveniently deaf dog, and the humiliation of carrying poop in a bag.

Remember when I ruined Christmas? And then my neighbors tried to ruin Christmas? And I revisited The Snow Hoe Incident?

It seems I have a lot of neighbor issues.

For Christmas last year, I got a snuggie and had a very strange reaction to it.

Every once in awhile I talk about barf and I know you all love those posts.

Sometimes I tell you all about MB and how romantic he is. He is always super supportive of my blog. He also loves to talk about how meaningful our relationship is. He got my fat ass moving when I wasn't really motivated.

Remember when I became a zombie? And when MB thought I was a pod person?

If I were a pod person, it could explain my inappropriate behavior in the grocery store.

I try to plan for the zombie apacolypse but also have a fear of being attacked. The two traits don't really compliment each other. But, what can you do?

So, it's been an interesting first year for me. I've come to love my little blog and the community I'm a part of. It's allowed me to have an outlet for all the insanity in my brain. It's also allowed me to find my feet, so to speak and feel much more at ease with who I am.

That feeling? That is thanks to all of you. All of the people who have chosen to follow me and be a part of my little blog. You've read what I wrote. You've told me what you think. You've been there when I need you. You've made me laugh. You've touched my heart. You've inspired me.

I look forward to another year of this. I hope you do too. ;)


  1. I absolutely love reading your blog, Girly! In fact, I gave you a shout-out on my blog before even reading this post.
    I'm enjoying myself immensely reading your previous posts. Almost caught up!

  2. Hey we have the same blogaversary!! Let's get matching tattoos! :)

    Happy belated blogaversary.


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