Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spider minions and man cave makeovers.

MB is away for the next 5 days.

*Serial Killers: Be advised that I own 7 ferocious blood thirsty hounds from hell who will do anything to protect me from harm. If you happen to make it through the legion of rabid felines surrounding the house who will pounce on you and eat your face off, that is.

Anywarnings, Skye girl and I are bachelorettes! Woohoo!

What's the first thing we did?

We ate peanut butter in the man cave.

MB hates me being in the man cave and he hates peanut butter and he hates that the pup will actually eat from my fingers rather than bite them off like she does with him.

He might just explode if he reads this!

It's his own fault really. He took Alfreda (my precious laptop named after the amazing Alfred Hitchcock) with him.

That means that I have to invade the man cave in order to use the computer. He said I didn't need to blog. I said he didn't need to know what I would be doing to the man cave while he was gone.

I still want a purple room in my house. Just saying.

Anymancavemakeovers, this is like the creepiest room in the house. It's in the basement/lower level which means it is basically infested with spiders. Unfortunately, I can not see them.

Believe me, I have looked. Spider surveillance is the first thing I did when I came down here.

My fear is that MB has a minion of spiders that he has trained to attack me at my most vulnerable. I'll be sitting her giggling at people's tweets and then...WHAM! Spider to the face!

It may or may not be why I'm wearing a Michael Myers mask right now.

Also, MB told me that he heard voices coming from his computer speaker the other day. Voices. The kind that are from dead people trying to communicate with the living through electricity.

I've seen White Noise. I know all about it.

I may or may not have already heard a scratching sound coming from the speaker. I don't want to commit to that answer until I know whether it was the spider minions trying to gain access to my face or dead people trying to send me messages about the spider minions and my face.

I'll keep you posted.

The other creepy thing about the man cave is that it is very isolated from the rest of the house. There could be any number of serial killers upstairs waiting to slash me in various ways and I would never know until I go upstairs and then get slashed.

It may or may not be why I am carrying around a bottle of windex.

MB has very little in the form of weaponry in his man cave. An almost empty bottle of windex is pretty much it. I'm doomed.

On a positive note, there are two windows in the man cave that open out to the front yard. I would just have to open them and basically roll out onto the front lawn and run away if/when danger presents itself.

The down side is that I'm currently braless in ratty pajams with unbrushed teeth and zit cream on my face.

I may have to stash an outfit down here in the event that I do need to escape.

I have standards, people.

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  1. Are you kidding? I'd be freaking out down there! With such an active imagination I don't know how you did it! Actually, I am not usually skittish about things like this, but your description did me in. I like spiders, but you know what? I just know there'd be a flying bug down there somewhere. Flitting around at the light. Following me upstairs.... AUGGHH!!

    p.s. don't you love watching dogs eat peanut butter? it only takes a little...


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