Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just in time for Valentine's Day.

While perusing the soup/international foods aisle at the grocery store, I encountered a couple that restored my faith in romance.

This was their conversation as I overheard it:
(It took me a few minutes to find the salsa I had a coupon for. Don't judge me.)

The Woman: What do you want for dinner tonight? Or are you even going to be home?

The Man: Aww baby. You have no faith in me. Of course I'm going to be home.

The Woman: Please. I've been putting up with your sh*t for 15 years. I know what you're going to be doing.

The Man: Come on baby. Don't be like that.

As I walked away, I heard her saying something about him sticking something somewhere it didn't belong.

15 years?! Now, that's commitment.

Or something.

You may be feeling sorry for the woman in this scenario. I wouldn't. Trust me when I tell you that she was clearly the one wearing the pants in this relationship.

I was actually holding in my chuckle for fear that she would clock me with a jar of soy sauce.

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