Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm practicing chainsaw noises, just in case.

So, I'm completely hooked on The Walking Dead.

It's the new series on AMC about the zombie apacolypse. Are you watching it?

You know I am, because of my love for all things horroriffic and zombiefied. It's such a good show.

It's actually got me thinking about how prepared I am for the zombie apacolypse. MB always says that I am not prepared at all and that I will not survive. He also says that he will leave me behind in a heartbeat.

I think there will be no hesitation to shoot him in the head if I even think he's been infected. Or is being a jerk.

So, I had a dream last night that I was living in a shelter set up at the local high school, but it was also a mall. My primary concern was trying to find a place for the dogs to go outside and pee.

It is a real concern. Dogs are never factored into the zombie apacolypse but they present challenges that need to be considered.

There's the whole going outside thing. Or finding a spot inside where they can go. Then, you have to worry about making sure they actually go in that spot every time. Dogs are not always obedient.

Then, you have to worry about the smell. I figure that we humans are going to be pretty stinky during this whole thing. You add the funk of dogs to it, and it's like the perfect storm of odor.


Then, you have to deal with the barking. I mean, my dog never barks, but most dogs do. They bark at anything. Imagine a hoard of the undead hanging around outside. Any normal dog is going to bark at that. Intruders and all.

It's a lot to think about.

I didn't really resolve the issue in my dream so my dream self moved on to packing a bag of all the essentials.

What did I grab? Well, we have very little in the way of weaponry in our home. It's sad really.

A butcher knife, MB's pocket knife, a hatchet from MB's reenactment days and a chainsaw that doesn't work.

We may be screwed.

My dream self tried to scrounge up some other necessities. This included a change of clothes, lots of underwear, toothpaste, a couple good books (for the down time), dog food, a hammer, a screwdriver, some nails and stuff, and some snacks.

MB may be right. I may not be ready for the zombie apacolypse.

Are you?


  1. I am totally NOT ready! I think it's my terribly mistaken belief that they couldn't possibly catch me.

    I'm doomed.

  2. I have my handy dandy zombie killing shotgun all ready to go. I'm far too out of shape to outrun them. But I don't have any up-close-and-personal weapons like you do. Maybe I need to go buy a hatchet or something...


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