Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yeah. It's officially an Incident.

Just an update on the domestic front...

MB and I still have not settled the Visual Barrier Incident.

The vote is 4 - 0 in my favor and he still won't accept his loss.

I didn't even poll any of our IRL friends because the victory is so blatantly mine. I figured he would just accept it and move on.


He's planning some sort of second test run involving baby gates and video cameras. I stopped paying attention after he said he wasn't going to do the dishes.

Actually, we already had a second test run. We tried moving the loveseat that is downstairs and using it as a barrier. We pushed it over so it blocked the bottom of the steps coming down. There was a gap on one side that MB filled with a laundry basket. The other side of the loveseat was up against the dvd rack and there was no room between the two.

Or so we thought.

We came home to discover dvds strewn across the floor and a fresh pee stain on the carpet.


Our dog is something else.

Hopefully the third test run will be more successful and won't result in the loss or damage of any property.

Thanks for your votes! ;)


  1. Visual barrier fail!

    Get a baby gate - and maybe run a hotwire across the top :)

    And when MB's done with doing your dishes, I've got a sinkload that needs done, too.

  2. MB needs to admit defeat!
    All the time he's wasting with new tests can be used washing the dishes. hehehe


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