Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Visual barriers and sore losers.

So, MB and I made a friendly wager today which I totally won. However, MB believes that he won (he's so wrong) and we need the interwebs to decide for us.

Our pup has a bad habit of acting out by peeing on the downstairs carpet whenever we leave. I think it's because she wants to go with us and since she can't, she pees. Makes sense to me.

Anyway, we were discussing this problem today and decided a baby gate may be the answer. It would keep her from getting downstairs and therefore force her to stop peeing down there.

Meaning she would probably pee upstairs on the hard wood, but whatever.

Or, she would just bust through the baby gate and do what she wants anyway. She did bust out of a metal crate. She's got skills.

So, MB and I left to go get Indian food today and decided to do a test. We didn't have a baby gate, so MB decided to use a 'visual barrier'.

He placed this mesh laundry basket sideways at the top of the stairs to deter her from going downstairs.

I was skeptical. I know of her escape artist skills. While eating delicious chicken curry, we placed a friendly wager about the effectiveness of the 'visual barrier'. MB was confident it would work. I was not. We bet and agreed the loser would do dishes for a week.

When we returned home, the 'visual barrier' was still at the top of the stairs, but had been pushed to the side.
As such...

I know that pup did this so she could get downstairs. The fact that she did it while I was taking the picture was even more proof.

Why was I taking pictures? Well, as soon as he saw the 'visual barrier' still in place, he decided he had won. When I showed him the following evidence, he still insisted he had won and that I would be doing dishes all week.


I decided then and there that the interwebs would be solving this little disagreement and needed photographic evidence to share. I want you to have all the evidence when you vote for me.

I mean, when you vote for the winner (which is me).

Here's the evidence that the pup did, in fact, go downstairs despite the 'visual barrier'.

This is the downstairs bathroom.

Those are the tissues and other paper products that Skye tore out of the trash can after she broke through the 'visual barrier' and came downstairs.

This is the downstairs carpet.

That is the brand new pee stain on our carpet. The pee stain placed there by Skye after she broke through the 'visual barrier' and came downstairs.

Clearly, I won the bet.

MB still isn't budging.

So, peeps...what do you think? Did the 'visual barrier' work?
Don't you also think that MB should have to do dishes for two weeks now?
Your votes are welcome...


  1. It is incredibly obvious that you won, and MB just needs to suck it up and do the dishes like a man.

  2. Yep, you won. The 'visual' barrier was to "deter her" from going downstairs. The fact that it was still there is irrelevant because clearly she was not deterred and she went downstairs! Dishes for MB for a week! Penalty week also just because he argued :-).

  3. I'm with Dani and Susan - clearly you won, because clearly Skye went downstairs. Hell, she could have ridden down the stairs in the laundry basket like a sled, tap danced in it, and dragged it back up the stairs: she still would've been downstairs and you still would've won. *nods*

  4. You win! And I think 2 weeks is MB getting off way too easy... just because.


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