Monday, February 28, 2011


In order to counteract the craptasticness of that last post (omg! alliteration! Beware!), I'm posting this.

You all know of my love for zombies. You also know of my love for the new AMC series The Walking Dead.

It's such a good show.

When we started watching it, our friend told us he had the graphic novels that the show was based on.


Of course, we borrowed them and started reading. I was hooked right away. He loaned us the first 6 and my future mother in law kindly gifted me volumes 7 through 13. (Thanks again!)

I've been reading these things nonstop and I love them!

Graphic novels have never really been my thing. I just had no interest in them and never bothered to see what they offered.

I have to say that these are fantastic. The graphics are awesome and the story lines are amazing. I find my heart racing sometimes as I'm reading. I'm rereading pages because I can't believe what just happened really happened.

I am going to be jonesing hard when I finish volume 13.

It won't be pretty.

So, have you seen the show or read the novels?
What do you think?

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