Sunday, October 31, 2010


Most of you know that I am a horror fan. I will watch just about any horror movie. Hell, I've seen Thankskilling!

If you like horror or have ever loved someone who does, you know that it's a difficult genre to embrace sometimes. It tends to get a bad reputation.
That is because there is a lot of crap that you have to weed through in order to find the good stuff. But, there is good stuff.

I promise.

Sure, movies like Redneck Zombies
exist. Along with Night of the Lepus.

But, there are also movies out there that will scare the hell out of you. Not that you asked, but in honor of Halloween and my love for all things gory, horrorific and zombified, I give you my top 20 favorite scary movies (in no particular order).


Night of the Living Dead
Classic horror. This movie is only to be watched in black and white. I believe a colorized version exists, but it shouldn't.

Dawn of the Dead
I know this is a remake and normally I am opposed to remakes. However, I think this version is really good. Hate me if you want.

A Nightmare on Elm Street
Some people are Team Jason. Some are Team Michael. I am Team Freddy, all the way.

The House of the Devil
A friend of mine told me about this movie. A friend who knows that I love 80's fashion and a good scare. This movie has both and I love it.

Black Christmas
The 1974 version beats the 2006 version in my eyes.

The Haunting in Connecticut
I can not watch this movie if I'm alone in the house. Not if I want to sleep, anyway.

The Strangers
See above.

Cabin Fever
It's funny. It's gross. It's gory. What else could you ask for in a horror flick? Word to the wise: Avoid the sequel. Trust me.

Silent Hill
The bathroom scene gets me every time. Creeeeepy.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Both versions (1974 and 2003) are good. If you like that whole crazed maniac chasing you with power tools kind of genre.

The Blob
Steve McQueen. Gelatinous alien life forms. Awesome.

30 Days of Night
Scariest dental work ever. Ever.

Evil Dead
I don't know what to say about this movie. How do you describe something so...unique?

Wolf Creek
I hope I never break down in the middle of the Outback.

The Shining
Come on. You know why. Unless you've never seen it...and then we might not be able to be friends.

The Thing
I hope I never get stranded in the middle of the arctic.

The Amityville Horror
The 1979 and the 2005 versions are both really good. It just depends on how bell bottomy you want your movie to be.

The Dark
Suicidal sheep and the deep, dark sea. You may not have heard of this movie, but it's definitely worth checking out.

I hope I never get trapped in a building with rabid strangers.

I heart all things Hitchcock. There is a special place in my Hitchcock loving heart for Norman Bates though. And his taxidermy.
Btw, I absolutely loathe the 1998 remake. Travesty. Just a travesty.

So, tell me...are you a horror fan? Got any flicks you think I need to see?


  1. its not halloween-y but i find the happening completely terrifying.
    house on haunted hill too (the newer one)

    i really reallllllly hate anything with unnatural movements. jerky stop motion action or mouths that open a little too wide. eeeeehyah.

    the haunting is good scary fun, with a creepy story.

    also, i lovvve me some quentin tarantino/robert rodruiguez, and planet terror is awesome, grossly funny goodness. and a chick has a big ol gun as a is that not awesome?

    umm...the uninvited is pretty spooky. i dont watch many really scary movies unless forced by friends who love to watch me squirm and cover my eyes.

  2. I thing you forgot THE FOG. Scared the everloving shit out of me when I was a kid.

  3. *think. Sorry, typing one-handed while I stuff my face with the other :)

  4. I love horror films.... I think you've captured most of the greats...
    I was also a fan of House of 1000 corpses - you know that rob zombie creation...? Not a fan of his music, but man does he know how to creep the hell out of people.

  5. Oh, I considered seeing The Haunting in Connecticut but I was afraid it wouldn't be spooky! I'll go see it now. But first, have you seen Black Sunday? I just saw it and was pleasantly surprised. It's way satanic so if you were raised on the fear of satan it's even spookier.


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