Sunday, May 23, 2010

BeardBoy returns.

Hi there, peeps!
It's been awhile. Okay, it's only been like two days, but it feels like a long time (tear). I feel like I've been neglecting Girly Bitz in favor of Girly BLitz and that's just not right. I mean, it's been time consuming setting up a whole second blog and everything. But you guys shouldn't have to suffer.
So, I'm back here at the Bitz to give you all a big sloppy wet kiss and beg for your forgiveness.
I'm also going to beg you to come check out Girly BLitz and support me in my blitz against Fatness. No pressure. :)

For those of you that follow my twitterings, you will know that I spent a good part of my Saturday with MB and BeardBoy. If you don't remember, I originally introduced you to BeardBoy and all of his inappropriate hilarity here.
I'm happy to announce that I have some new rantings from BeardBoy and MB.

In discussing Jenna Jameson and her elderly status in 'porn years' anyway:
BeardBoy: I think she's held together by duct tape and semen at this point.

MB: You aren't on facebook?
BeardBoy: I'm not a 17 year old girl.
MB: I'm not either and I'm on facebook.
BeardBoy: Have you checked for a vag lately?

MB expressing road rage while stuck behind 2 slow driving jerks:
Oh, come on. Are you gonna give each other hand jobs as you pace each other down I 95?! For shame! For shame!

Trying to figure out where the hell we were going:
MB: Can you read me those directions?
BeardBoy: Don't you have gps on your phone?
MB: Yeah, but I have the directions right there.
BeardBoy: I didn't buy my expensive phone so I could kill trees. Use the gps.
MB: But this tree is already dead jackass. Just read the directions.

MB stuck a flower in my sunglasses which were on top of my head at the time.
BeardBoy commented on the look: Oh. That's off-putting.

Never a dull moment with the boys.
I'm off to post my daily food intake over at the Blitz. Be back tomorrow with some more stuff for you all, my Girly Bitz peeps.


  1. My Tom & BeardBoy would get along farrrrr too well! Tom's main purpose in being on facebook is to post inappropriate status updates & play games :)

  2. I am loving the BeardBoy-isms. Especially the Jenna comment because that is much what I suspected might still be holding her together also. :)

    I didn't realize you had a second blog! I'm off to check you out, lady!


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