Saturday, January 5, 2013


So, I've been thinking a lot about resolutions and changes and starting over and whatnot.  I suppose that's what most people think about at the beginning of a new year, especially if they've been in a rut like me. 

I've been feeling like I need a change for some time now.  Of course, I'd love to win the powerball and experience the change of not having to worry about money.  That would be awesome.  However, until that happens, I think I need to start making some changes for myself. 

I've seen a few people talking about a word that they choose to be the inspiration for their new year.  Seems like a good idea to me. 

If I were to choose one word to guide the changes in my life, I'd have to choose 'give'. 

I want to be a more giving person.  Give people a chance.  Give people a smile.  Give people the benefit of the doubt.  Give people joy.  Give people love. 

Sounds hokey.  I know.  But, I enjoy giving to others and doing things for others.  For some reason, I've gotten away from that.  I've been expecting things from others without giving anything in return.  When people let me down, I blame them.  I don't realize what I may have done or not done that warrants that person letting me down. 

I want to be that kind, giving person I used to be.  I want to do things because they are nice things to do.  I want to feel good about knowing that I am a good person, no matter what my jean size is. 

I also want to give to myself.  I want to give myself a chance.  I want to give myself the benefit of the doubt.  I want to give myself the gift of confidence and pride and peace. 

It's going to be a kindler, gentler Bitz.  Well, for the most part.  I still plan on giving myself the opportunity to be that same old smartass I've always been.  Laughter is the best medicine, after all. 

So, what are you going to give yourself this year?  Have you thought about resolutions or changes you want to make in your life? 

Do tell...

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