Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What is that smell? Did something die in here?

Do you have any idea how much the hoof of an antelope stinks? 

It's like a combination of feet (duh), armpits and rotten eggs.  Throw in a little expired milk (the lumpy kind of expired) and you've got it. 

As a little girl, dreaming about my future life, I never once imagined that I would be able to describe the stench of an antelope hoof.  It just wasn't in the script for the Barbie dolls in my playhouse. 

They were chatting about dream husbands and bubble baths while eating bon bons and petting their cuddly puppies. 

Yeah.  My view of the future was a little warped. 

I have the cuddly puppy thing right.  Bubble baths?  Not so much.  There's too much hair in my drain. 

So, anyway...antelope hooves. 

You see, I am now the proud parent of two cuddly puppies.  My little man, Atticus...

And my new little girl, Moxxi...

Double the adorable.  Double the trouble.  Double the destruction. 

These little lovebugs are chewers!  In order to satisfy their need to gnaw, we decided to try some of the more exotic chew toys at the pet store.  Pig snouts, cow tracheas, antlers...the good stuff. 

Since I am super cheap, I went for the least expensive of the exotics.  The hooves.  For just $1.99, you can be the proud owner of your very own antelope hoof.  If you would like to part with a few more dollars, you can get that antelope hoof stuffed with meat. 

I don't think it's antelope meat. 

These stinky feet are a big hit with my hounds.  They absolutely love them.  Of course, my Atticus still eats poop.  He may not have the most refined taste buds. 

They can spend all day gnawing on their hooves, which is a good thing.  The down side is the resulting stench that emanates from their little faces.  Even worse is the inevitable stench that emanates from their little butts. 

Hooves?  Full of swamp gas. 

Who knew?  

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