Thursday, September 29, 2011


Holy matrimony! I have seriously been neglecting this blog!

I think I have a pretty decent excuse though. I am getting married in 2 days. My life has definitely been consumed by nuptial nonsense.

It's funny. I have so many stories to share with you all about the nuptial nonsense. I just haven't had any time to stop by and share them.

I've had Russian seamstresses who don't seem to understand the difference between 'up' and 'in'. I've had bridesmaids who force me to suck face with hunting decoys. I've had to rearrange man caves and spider cubbies in order to make room for a new roomate. I've also got a new furry face joining the family in a few weeks.

See? I've really got to catch you guys up on my life. Plus, I really need to catch up on all of yours.

I miss you guys.

I get hitched on Sunday and then I'll be doing absolutely nothing constructive for 5 days.

Be back to chat after that.


  1. Good to see that you haven't run away from home with all the stress. I hope you both have a fabulous day on Saturday (?) - try to take it all in and live in the moment because the whole day goes so very, very quickly! Looking forward to all the news on the flip side. Best wishes! xx

  2. *SQUEE!* Wishing you a beautiful, wonderful wedding day to start a lifetime of happiness. <3

    (That was kinda sappy, wasn't it? Kinda made my teeth hurt... hehehe LOVE YOU!)



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