Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random ramblings and reinforced borders.

So, I posted this on facebook earlier this morning...

I'm watching Intervention on Netflix. The next episode is a guy who's addicted to video games and a girl who's addicted to food. This one is going to be good. I'm going to grab some popcorn, oreos and a hot fudge sundae and watch it on one of MB's Xboxes.

Then, I proceeded to eat my lunch followed by a mini ice cream sundae. Self fulfilling prophecy? Maybe.

What else has been happening in my life?

Obviously the fat fighting has not been going so well. MB and I have not run all week. I haven't done Slim in 6 all week. It's been bad.

Actually, I did walk with the pup last week. I was visiting my family and I took the pup around the block with me. It didn't go well. My poor pup is definitely slowing down in her older years.

I'm not really ready to talk about that though. Tears and keyboards don't mix well.

Moving on...

We're putting up a new fence this weekend. By "we", I mean MB and the boys. I'll be supervising from a safe and comfortable distance. Probably from the lawn chair. Probably with a cold mug of beer. Supervisors have certain needs.

A fence is really going to change our lives. We will no longer have to worry about the intrusive neighbor peering over the fence to look into our yard. Yes, he does that. Yes, it's usually when I'm half naked on the couch watching Netflix. Yes, it skeeves me out.

We will no longer have to worry about the hooligans coming over the puny little excuse for a fence that we have now. Unless they suddenly learn how to scale a 6 foot fence, which I'm sure they will. The appeal of fishing in that overgrown excuse for a pond is just too much for them to resist.

I don't get it, but whatever.

As an aside, I'm still watching Intervention and I'm pretty sure the director of this rehab facility is addicted to tanning. Maybe she should start turning that wisdom inward?

So, in addition to a new fence, not much else is happening.

We're getting hitched in 101 days. Thankfully, provides a countdown for me just in case I forget that I need to be freaking the hell out. Thanks Knot. Thanks a lot.

It's cool. I'm not freaking out. I'm actually getting excited. There's still a lot of crap to do and a lot of money to spend, but it'll be so worth it. We are going to have a blast.

I don't know what else to chat about. It seems that I had a bunch of clever things to say, but they all left my head.

Now, I have to go close the back door because the flies are taking over my house. I know the pup likes to wander in and out, but this is ridiculous. I also have to go close the toilet lid because apparently her wandering in and out makes her thirsty for toilet water. Gross.

Later, peeps.

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