Friday, June 3, 2011

Extreme heat = Princessitude

When I got up a couple hours ago to start my day, it looked like it was at least 700 degrees outside.

That's why I returned to the arctic oasis that is my bedroom.

It's currently 62 degrees in here because MB has this obsession with living in Antarctica. It's out of control. Pleasantly and refreshingly out of control on a day like today, but still...out of control.

He likes to say it's because we have a Siberian Husky. 'She's from Siberia. She needs to be kept cold.'

Yeah. She's from a place called Pittsville. If you want her to feel at home, you should plant some corn, grow a mullet and get a jacked up pick-up with a rebel flag painted on the window.

That's what she needs.

I also kind of need it now, because I want to see MB with a mullet. And a stache.

Anywho...I actually do need to get up because I have to work tonight. I also need to get my fat ass up to do some exercise. I also need to pay my bills...and finish the laundry I started three days ago...and go to the grocery store to restock the very empty fridge...and find some freakin food because my belly is growling and the fridge is very empty.

Holy nuts! That's a lot to do.

I just hate to wake the sleeping princess. She's been zonked out on the floor beside me all morning. No efforts to get up have been made. At all.

Would you want to wake from such a slumber?

Yeah. Me either.

This concerns me a little because I'm pretty sure she has to pee. It's been over 10 hours since she's been outside.

She's lifted her head up a couple times this morning. She even got up to reposition herself before zonking out again. I checked a few times to make sure she was breathing. That dog is one sound sleeper!

I'm wondering if maybe she got up in the night and decided to just pee on the carpet. Or if there is going to be a wet spot on her bed when she does actually rise from the dead.

These are the things you have to worry about with a senior dog. Especially a senior dog who is super lazy.

I hate saying 'senior dog'. It makes me cry.

Dammit. This post has taken a sad turn. I'm getting the hell up before I start crying hysterically and hugging the dog, which I'm sure she won't appreciate.

Later peeps.

Stay cool out there.

1 comment:

  1. Your writing cracks me up...yep it was the mullet that pushed me from a chuckle to a full out laugh out loud moment.

    I know I don't like to get out of my warm bed with it's freezing in the room...maybe that's it!


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