Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Angel soft awakenings and chomped wedding tackle.

This was my view on Saturday...

Nice, huh?

MB decided we were going to go canoeing.

He decided to tell me this as I was all snuggly and snoozy in bed Saturday morning. Late Saturday morning - but whatever.

I think we all know of my love of sleeping in on my days off.

MB got home from his 24 hour shift at the fire house around 10 and basically pounced on me to say that we were going canoeing.

He will tell you that he woke me gently and with butterfly kisses and angel wings and other such nonsense.


I was pounced on and awoken from a very nice dream that may or may not have involved Timothy Hutton.

Anyrudeawakenings, I continued to sleep until MB just gave up and joined me. Then, I got up a little later and he was sound asleep.

Our canoeing got postponed until late afternoon.

I decided to take some pictures of our little adventure.

Obviously I am not skilled in the photographical area.

Let's try this again...

Meh. We can do better. One more time...

I think you can tell that MB was less than enthused with the picture taking by this point. It's a little fuzzy, but I think I recall him yammering something about a tree and will you put the phone down and paddle for crying out loud before we die of a branch impaled to the face.

Something like that.

We saw quite a few turtle heads in the water, but they were wiley. I desperately wanted to catch a snapping turtle and toss it gently to MB, but it didn't happen.

Plus, given his seated position in the canoe, the turtle probably would've latched right on to the boy bitz. The wedding tackle, if you will.

If I ever want to go fishing in the future, that stuff has to stay intact.

We did encounter some gorgeous blue herons. At one point, there was a heron very close and in prime photographic range. It was kind of a jerk though and took off at the last minute, leaving me photoless.

MB said I shouldn't call the heron a jerk.

I searched for more turtles to fling as we continued on.

Then, MB spotted the jerk nearby and told me to stop paddling so he could get us close to it. He also told me to shut up, which I didn't appreciate. It was all in the interest of art though.

If you can call CrapBerry photos art, that is.

Here is the jerk...

I took like a hundred pics of him and this was the best one. We really need to get an actual camera.

The jerk was getting pretty annoyed and started giving me the evil eye. Then, he cocked his leg up (giggity) into karate kick position. You can sort of see it here...

If you squint really hard and imagine yourself watching Karate Kid, that is. The real Karate Kid. Not the remake. Blasphemy.

So, the jerk got pissed off pretty quickly and flew off. I tried to get a nice flight pic, but CrapBerry doesn't believe in capturing the beauty of things. They pretty much hate us all.

I think the Jerk is giving me the finger as he flies over. Or would it be the talon?

A little further down, we saw a much friendlier bird.

He was trying desperately to gulp down some unlucky little pond critter who had become lunch.

Nature is pretty.

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