Sunday, March 20, 2011

Things that are currently in a state of disrepair in my home... fridge which is keeping things way too cold, forcing us to eat out or eat icy lettuce. dishwasher which refuses to drain, forcing me to do dishes by hand. Bastard. toe after stepping on Skye's bone, which happens to be in random locations throughout the house at any given time.

...the fence gate, which is being held up by three strategically placed rocks from the pond.

...the hose thingy that connects to the kitchen faucet and allows me to spray MB with water from afar.

...our free sofa, which is currently missing a foot and is being held up by a strategically placed stack of books.

This list doesn't include that column in front of the house which is making fluttering noises. I'm pretty sure there's an animal inside there and I'm choosing to ignore it until MB figures out a way to rescue it.

Unless it's an opossum. Those things are nasty.

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