Monday, March 21, 2011

How many heads can I put in there?

MB and I went refrigerator shopping today.

As you may or may not be aware, our fridge is on the fritz. It's basically making things way too cold. My freezer is like the arctic. You have to wear a parka and mittens to get out the fat free ice cream.

Fat free ice cream just isn't worth all that hassle.

The fridge side of my fridge is also a little arctic like. My baby carrots are frozen solid and could be considered weapons.

Just ask the cat hoarding neighbor's cats. HA!

So, fridge shopping is super overwhelming. There are rows upon rows of fridges at the Sears outlet. Of course, we went to the outlet. We are cheapos, after all.

MB and I have different ways of shopping. I have this natural instinct to go directly to the clearance rack. When shopping for fridges, this would be the back wall of the store where no one really goes. It's dark and dusty and there's an eerie echo, but everything is under $400.

I feel safe there.

MB heads right for the front row. He tends to look for features. Ice makers. Bottom freezers. Water filters. Working doors.

These things are important to him.

I could easily walk out of there with a $300 fridge that looks like it's been on the sidewalk waiting for the trash men for 2 weeks. The door is duct taped and there may or may not have been a human foot in the freezer at some point. But, for the love of the Maytag Man, it doesn't freeze my baby carrots.

However, MB had me in the front row and I think I've been swayed over to the dark side.

Did you know that refrigerators can make ice?! Seriously. They make ice! It's like magic.

It's also about $200 extra.

If you want the magic of water and ice straight from the door, it'll cost you another $350.

The fancy freezer drawer costs you another $400.

If you want the special lock feature, it's another $750.

MB says we need the locking feature to keep me out of the fridge. I'm not sure he understands the lengths I will go to in order to get to the ice cream, fat free or not.

By the time I busted into the locked fridge, it would need duct tape and MB's foot would be in there along with his entire chopped up body.

Sorry, baby. You know how strong my sweet tooth is.

I now have to go online and research the cheapest fridge with french doors, a bottom freezer, ice maker, in door water and ice dispenser and secret human appendage compartment.

Wish me luck!

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