Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sucktasticly snowbound.

So, I'm working on a really big post. This isn't it.

I was going to work on it right now so I could post it tonight, but I think it would be rude. If you follow me on twitter (if you don't, you should), you would know that I am currently snowbound at work.

My coworker and I made it in for the 3-11 shift but can't make it home due to the treacherous conditions outside. It's been snowing for forever and we are trapped.

I'm hearing horror stories about stranded vehicles everywhere. One hospital told us about ambulances getting stuck in their parking lot. It's armageddon out there!

Not really, but I like a little drama now and then.

Anyway, back to why this is not the big post you should reading instead of this sucky post you probably gave up on a long time ago.

My coworker is watching a movie and I think it would be rude to keep tap-tap-tapping on the keyboard while she does that. I'm not one to be rude. So, you are reading (or maybe not) this sucktasticness.

You can blame her if you want.

I'm going to stop now and settle in for the night. Part of me wants to brave the treacherous conditions and go home to my snuggly bed. I'm not going to risk it though. It's the crappy office chair and sleeping with a bra on for me tonight.


Nighty night peeps.

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