Monday, January 3, 2011

I need your advice. The update.

So, after all the drama and the near stroke that I suffered due to the jealous rage coursing through my veins, MB tells me that he wasn't going to go anyway.
He says it happens to be on a day that he is scheduled for 24 hours at the firehouse so he had no intention of going.

He said it was funny to get me all riled up though.

I think MB may be intellectually challenged.

Seriously. Why else would he think it's a good idea to 'poke the bear'. The bear who is currently suffering a bout of pms hormonal psychosis like you wouldn't believe.

I may stab him in his sleep. Just because.

Thanks to all my comments ladies (and Jack)! I heart you all.

So, MB and I are looking to the interwebs to settle a dispute. I really think that's the mature way to handle it.

He informed me today that he has been invited to attend a charity event for his friend's rugby team. This particular female friend supposedly invited lots of other people to this event also.

I have no problem with charity. There are lots of causes I would gladly support if I had the means.

This chic's rugby team is not one of them.

Not that I have anything against her or rugby. I don't.

I just choose not to support the idea of MB hanging out with a team full of chicks at a strip club.

Did I mention that it was going to be at a strip club?


This single female friend of MB's wants him to attend an event with her, her entire rugby team and a bunch of naked women.

Bachelor parties are one thing. This is totally different. This is just a random outing to Philly with a bunch of girls I don't even know.

I don't think so.

He thinks I'm being unreasonable.

I think he's insane.

Whenever you have to remove all sharp objects from my reach before you tell me about something, I think you know what my response is going to be.


That would be a big fat no.

No way in hell.

No. No. No.

But, in the name of fairness, I agreed to present this little situation to my peeps and let them weigh in on it.

So, what do you think? Am I being unreasonable? What would your response be if your significant other had such an invite?

Be sure to cast your votes. MB and I will be tallying them to see who wins this argument.

On an unrelated note, have I told you all how much I love you guys? I do. I really do.


  1. I dunno... did you watch the slideshow from that strip club's site? I did. Several times. As a matter of fact, before I weigh in with an opinion, I'd better go watch them a few more times...

  2. Compromise...go with him. You're hotter than any of the naked women he'll be with anyway.

  3. "Whenever you have to remove all sharp objects from my reach before you tell me about something, I think you know what my response is going to be."

    Okay, if he KNEW he needed to do this before telling you something, he KNEW what your reaction/response/answer would be, so...

    I dunno. I'm torn. On the one hand, I wouldn't be comfortable with it either (it just says "WEIRD!" to me for some reason, especially since, if it's mostly females, why wasn't the invitation extended to you?). On the other hand, if you trust him - which I'm sure you do, or you likely wouldn't be with him - what's the harm, right? And on the OTHER-other hand (yes, I have three hands: shut it :P ), if he knew you were going to react so... viscerally(?) to this, he should have said no in the first place (I have a pretty firm "If I'm important to you, and it's a big enough deal to be an issue to me, it should be important to you by association" thing where relationships are concerned).

    Or you could just take GunDiva's excellent suggestion... ;)


  4. Did he FIRST invite you to go with? Did SHE include you in the invite? Those would be TWO BIG factors in deciding if I was okay with him going or not... I think there is more to it than a simple yes or no... that probably doesn't help you much. Bottom line...if you're uncomfortable with it for some reason that should be important enough to him to just not go. So instead... he can do a guys night and just toss a donation to the rugby team. If its just about supporting the charity that should be a decent compromise, right?!


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