Monday, December 13, 2010

Wait, who's the pack leader here?

So, I let the pup out this morning and then discovered that I am a horrible person.

She nuzzled me around 7am, while I was warm and cozy and enjoying the opportunity to sleep in for a bit. I got up against my will and stumbled to the sliding glass door to let her out. While she did her business, I tended to mine.

My hope was that she would be ready to come back in after her business was done so I could go back to my fuzzy blankets and dreams of climbing ladders to get to my tree fort shower.

Don't ask.

Of course, it was snowing outside and that means Skye wants to play. It's hard enough to keep her inside when it's cold. When it snows? Forget it. She's out there for hours.

I call her in. She looks at me and runs in the opposite direction.

I call her in again. She doesn't even look at me.

She starts to eat something that she found in the grass. I yell at her to drop it. She ignores me.

I go out to her in my bare feet on the icy grass and nudge her away from whatever it is she's eating. She grabs it and runs away, continuing to eat it on the other side of the yard.

I call her in again. She looks at me and runs across to the pond.

I call her in again. She smiles at me and runs over to the gate.

I call her in again. Loudly. She smiles at me and runs to the tree.

I call her in again. Loudly and with gritted teeth. She smiles and bounces over to the pond again.

This is becoming quite the little game for her. She gets to sprint around the yard while her crazy mommy stands barefoot in the icy grass yelling at her while trying to cover her bralessness from any nosy neighbors.


After 10 minutes of my slight irritation becoming full blown rage, I finally gave up and went inside, closing the door behind me. Since she hates being 'locked out', she immediately came to the door and came inside.

That made me even angrier.

I know it was TOM making me so angry at her this morning. If I wasn't TOMing, I would've been out there running around with her, braless or not. She is so damn cute when she is just running and smiling and enjoying the moment. She has this silly grin on her face and it's the most precious thing ever.

However, it's not so precious when you are TOMing and your feet are frozen and you just want to go take some more Midol and return to the fuzzy comfort of your bed.


I already felt a little guilty about my anger with her after she came back inside and nuzzled me. I really felt bad about it when I watched this video.

Omg. I feel like the most horrible person in the world right now! My day will be spent trying to redeem myself to the pup. There will be walks in the snowfall, unlimited time outside with no yelling (unless she eats that random stuff again...eww) and unlimited treats.

Thank you, Life With Dogs. You have made my pup very happy today.

* If you love dogs like I do, you should really check out Life With Dogs. It's great!

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  1. I can't get my husband's dog to go outside. She hates it. And the snow? No way. I'm pretty sure she just hangs her furry butt out of the garage doorway to do her business in the winter.


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