Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wooly comfort beckons.

It seems that I had good intentions for the morning.

When Skye girl came over to nudge me awake with her cold nose and her impatient whimper, I noticed the alarm clock light was blinking. Apparently in a moment of false hope for the day, I had set the alarm for 9:30am.

I quickly turned that off and arose from the warmth of my wooly blankets to attend to the needs of the pup. The house was quiet. MB wasn't due back until evening. Skye girl and I were the only inhabitants in a very cold house.

I switched on the heat, because that's something I can do when MB isn't around to monitor it.

Although the sun was shining and the day looked promising, I found that I wasn't quite ready for the day.

I watched Skye patrol the yard, looking for any crumbs from the bag of chips I had taken from her during last night's patrol. Those hooligans will stash their trash anywhere if it means not having to walk five feet to the trash can.

Having no luck in finding anything edible, Skye sauntered back inside and we both returned to the comfort of our laziness. I snuggled back into my wooly blankets and she snuggled back onto her bed at my feet.

My book was lying on the nighstand and I decided to immerse myself in it for awhile. I opened the curtain just enough for the sunlight to hit the pages and began where I had left off.

It really was a good book. Full of character and intrigue and just enough suspense to keep me reading.

Something started to stir at the foot of the bed. A grumbling. A whimper. Feet moving. Someone was dreaming.

I carefully lifted myself up to the foot of the bed to get a better look. She was so peaceful when she was sleeping. No anxiety. No fear. Just calm and quiet.

Her lip was twitching just a little. Her back foot kicked every now and then. Her chest was rising in uneven waves. She was whimpering just so softly. I wondered what she was dreaming about. Some people say dogs dream about running or chasing squirrels.

I often wonder if they have nightmares. I wonder if she dreams about her past, about whatever happened to her before she found us. I wonder if she relives whatever happened that makes her so anxious and afraid.

I put my hand on her chest and softly petted her until she calmed down. She gave a heavy sigh and drifted back into a peaceful sleep.

I got up quietly and went into the kitchen with thoughts of starting my day. My feet were cold on the hardwood floor and I started to look for my fuzzy slippers. That seemed like too much of a committment to starting the day, so I didn't pursue it.

The smell of the chocolate cupcakes I had baked last night wafted from the kitchen, tempting me. Why not.

With the delicious taste of chocolate cake and peanut butter icing on my tongue, I gave another thought to getting up and starting the day. It was sunny. It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day. The laundry was piled up on the basket. The dust bunnies were gathering in the corners. The bathroom was...well, it could use a good cleaning.

After some serious consideration, I chose the path of wooly comfort.

Lying in my bed on a Saturday morning, reading and relaxing in my pajamas...I think it's going to be a good weekend off.

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