Monday, October 4, 2010

Side buns are the new hot thing. Pass it on.

So, I finally found the Spin Pin!

I scoured the local drug stores and finally found it at the CVS by my office. Two more days of searching and I was going to have to take the 40 minute ride to Target.

So, anyway, if you don't know about the Spin Pin, go here to check it out. You can also go to the Goody website.

I have been so excited to try this out. I'm so bored with my life and I just knew that the Spin Pin could be the answer to add a little zest to my life. And my hair.

Wanna see how it turned out?
Of course you do.
Check it out...

These are the spin pins. Exciting, huh?

They are even more exciting out of the package.

So, the idea is that you twist your hair into a bun and then screw one of the pins in through the top and the other in through the bottom.
Easy enough, right?

This is the before picture...

Notice how my secret identity remains secret. Serious camera phone skills, people.

This is the after picture from the front...

...and the back...

I want you to know that it took me approximately 13 and a half attempts to get this picture.
You are welcome.

So, I was able to get my first bun to turn out pretty well.
I think it looks pretty good. It also stayed in while I shook my head around.

Yeah, I made myself dizzy for the purposes of science.

After 27 and 3/4 more attempts, I was unable to recreate a successful bun and haven't picked up the Spin Pins again.


I still think they will change my life and I still think I will be able to get a really cute bun.

Theproblem is with my mulletriffic hairdo and it's uneven layers.
Remember that little fiasco? Go here if you need a refresher. I'll wait.

If you don't need a refresher, talk amongst yourselves while the others catch up. Topic to discuss: Ironing curtains? Do or don't?

All caught up?
Good. Moving on...

You would think my mullet had been repaired by now, but it is not. I went back twice to get it fixed but the layers are still very uneven. When I wear it up, it's very noticeable. I have hair hanging down on one side of my head, but not the other.

Which ruins the glamour of the Spin Pin. Unless I wear a side bun.

Don't worry. I'm not giving up on the Spin Pin. I still love it and I think the side bun is going to become my new look.
It's really the best way to hide the uneven layering that is my hairdo.

How exciting that I will have a 'look'.

So, have you tried the Spin Pin or any other life changing hair products?
Do tell...

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