Thursday, September 2, 2010

Canine Anxiety Disorder. It's real, people.

So, my Siberian Princess has a little bit of an anxiety problem. She also has a touch of ocd. Which is why she tends to pace through the house, especially when something is out of the ordinary.

She has a pacing path. It goes from the bedroom to the living room, between the couches to the sliding glass door, back through the couches and back into the bedroom.

The other day, MB came home from a 24 hour shift with no sleep. The life of a paramedic is rough sometimes. My poor hero.

Anyway, he went directly to the bedroom to crash. In order to let him sleep without disturbance, I closed off the door that separates our living room from what I like to call our chambers. That would be the 3 bedrooms and master bath for those chamberless people out there.

It's probably my favorite feature of our money pit. Aside from the wall mounted bottle opener, of course.

The Princess was completely discombobulated. Her pacing path had been obstructed. The ocd panic attack was now in full effect.
"Mom, are you sure this door needs to be closed? Can't I just open it a little? Please?"

Commence pacing...between the couches...

...through the living room... the sliding glass door...

...and repeat.

This little adventure in canine anxiety continued for 3 hours.
3 hours.

Yeah, she's got issues.


  1. Awe, I use to work for a guy whose dog was on Prozac for stuff like that.

  2. Poor girl! I have definitely heard of dogs having anxiety disorders. And my one cat has a touch of separation anxiety.

    Pets have emotions too! I hope you get something figured out so she can feel better and stop the pacing. :)


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