Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Siberian Princess gets a makeover.

So, my pup has been looking a little ragged lately.

You know it's time to go to the groomer when:
-it looks like someone sprinkled a bag of Santa's hair in your living room.

-you hear someone refer to your dog as 'that poor old girl' for the fourth time during your walk around the neighborhood.

-you are too embarrassed to walk your dog around the neighborhood because your vindictive neighbors just may report you for neglect.

-you realize that your mostly grey husky is now mostly white because the undercoat is taking over.

-everything you wear looks like a white sweater.

-your dog is making herself sneeze.

-your daily serving of fiber is coming from all the dog hair you seem to be finding in everything you eat.

-you look like a cutter because of the wounds received while attempting to brush your neurotic dog who essentially hates any human contact.

-your dog looks like this...

You know your dog hates the groomer when:
-her tail goes between her legs as soon as you enter the building.

-her hind leg starts twitching as if she were having a mini seizure.

-her lip starts quivering as if she were watching a Lifetime marathon.

-she gives you that 'look' as they take her back, as if to say "Why mommy? Why?"

You know you should tip extra when:
-the typical 2 hour appointment becomes 5 hours.

-the groomer looks like she's just done 3 hours on the elliptical, swam the Atlantic and carried 7 very obese people from a burning building after bathing your dog.

-everyone in the office is snickering when you ask how it went.

-they all refer to your dog as 'the poor old girl' (seems to be a theme, right?).

-they allow you to be a repeat customer.

-she looks like this...

Pretty, isn't she? Completely worth the drama.

Fyi, when you ask the groomer why it took so long and she says, "Skye needed a lot of breaks", what she really means is:
"Your dog is a freakin nut job and we needed a lot of breaks or else you would've found your half soapy dog tied to the front door of a now closed grooming business because she drove us all to new professions".

1 comment:

  1. She DOES look so pretty! I'm sorry it had to turn into a 5 hour ordeal. Yikes!


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