Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Flip Offs: Bacon doesn't always make things better.

Well hello peeps! Happy Friday the 13th.
Hope you have had a much more normal week than I have.
Let me tell you, the crisis unit has been hopping this week!
Oh boy.
My own sanity was hanging by a thread after this week.
Thank God for the lemon cake in the cafeteria.

Anyway, I am so ready for some flip offs.
Do you feel like flipping people off too? Go visit Gigi here, and play along.

So, let's get to it, shall we?

To the glucosamine chondroiton joint supplements that seem to have caused our Skye girl to feel so good, she is regressing to puppyhood and all of it's bad behaviors - FLIP OFF!
These little pictures show what I found when I came home tonight.

Yep. That's my purse and all of it's contents strewn across my living room floor. In case you were wondering, that is an entire pack of gum which was eaten by my lovely Siberian Princess.
I love the fact that she has much better mobility and less discomfort in her hip joints. But, can you please remind her that she is 10 years old now and should be way beyond these kinds of antics.
So, joint supplements, FLIP OFF (but also Thank You for making her feel better).

To my coworker who was mocking us because the snake that was in our office was apparently too small to even be worthy of repeated discussion - FLIP OFF!
First of all, it was a SNAKE. In the office. I don't care how small it was. It was still a SNAKE.
Aaaaaand, you weren't even there when it happened so you really have no right to judge. That deserves a double FLIP OFF!

To my other coworker who apparently thinks that I am mentally challenged in such a way that even with 14 years of experience I have absolutely no clue how to do my job forcing you to spend the morning instructing me what to do - FLIP OFF!
I could've done my job, your job and the maintenance man's job in the time that I wasted listening to you try and justify your existence.

To the chef at the pub around the corner who felt it was acceptable to serve overcooked asparagus in the bacon wrapped asparagus appetizer - FLIP OFF!
Ewwww. Just ewwww.

Wow. That feels like a really small amount of flipping off, but I still feel much, much better.
I can't wait to see who you are flipping off.
Since I'm struggling to stay awake now and can't even really be sure this is a coherent post, I better put that off until tomorrow.


  1. Aren't flips awesome!? I love them. And I agree bacon wrapped asparagus, overcooked, does not sound good!

  2. Too funny. Love your Friday Flip Offs. And I feel ya on the snake thing!

  3. Is it wrong that I laughed when I read that your Siberian Princess ate your gum. Through your purse? I know it's not a good thing, but come on, how great must she be feeling to gnaw through an accessory!
    Am also following Girly Blitz. I think the names of both blogs are fantastic, and I will be following your battle against the bulge. Congrats on the weight loss for this week, that is so terrific, keep it up!

  4. Oh that snake, it's a snake none the less no matter how big they are! Ugh flip your co-worker with you too! Sorry to hear about your purse.

  5. I get sooo annoyed with people who doubt my abilities at my job. I have worked contracted out to me because the real estate agent doesn't know how to do it. Yet, 95% of my day is spent answering agents who try and tell me what to do. Ugh. Flip Off!

  6. Great blog! Came across your blog from one of the blog hops, and looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I am now following... feel free to follow back if you like!!!!
    All the best,


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