Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jameson is the devil.

Hi peeps.
Happy belated Fourth! Hope you all had a good one.
I spent the day with MB and the boys. MB smoked some meat. We drank. The boys shot off fireworks in the backyard. We drank.
Did I mention that we drank?
There was quite a bit of boozing.
Drunken debauchery.
There were card games and shots of whisky and some games that I'm pretty sure were made up. The boys will do anything to get a pretty girl drunk (hint: I'm the pretty girl).
There was also a lot of cursing. Apparently, when I drink whisky and copious amounts of beer, my inner sailor comes out. MB says I have a 'potty mouth' when I drink. Isn't that cute?
He's adorable.
Anyway, it was a blast.
I realized that I am way out of practice when it comes to boozing. I was really struggling today. Ugh.
I may be too old for drunken debauchery.
It's a sad, sad day.
Oh well. I'll have to find other forms of debauchery to engage in.
Any suggestions?
What did you do for the Fourth?

Btw, I promised to come back and explain the insanity behind this picture:

That was a couple days ago. I didn't forget. I've just been a little intoxicated and then hungover. Tune in tomorrow when I will actually explain it.

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