Monday, July 26, 2010

A case of the Mondays.

Today has been one hell of a day.
It's been one of those days in the crisis unit where I just wanted to come home, blast a little David Gray, drink a few cold ones and wallow in my bitterness.

(I heart David Gray!)

Sometimes don't you just feel like when the cat comes around, we are all just birds without wings?

I worked my buns off in the crisis unit today. As my day was winding down, our psychiatrist asked me if there was anything else I needed from him. I almost said:
"Yeah, just sign this doctor's note that says I need a free inground pool in order to maintain my sanity enough to continue working in the crisis unit. Also, throw in a couple handfuls of Xanax and excuse my lateness tomorrow morning."

But, no. I just said no and died a little inside.
No pool for me. (sigh)

I drove home, watching the duct tape on my Jeep window (it's covering the slash that some little houligan put there for fun and jerky pleasure) flapping in the breeze and making a mental note to replace the duct tape tomorrow.

I also smiled because there was actually a breeze. It was only in the 80's today and it was gorgeous.

Then, I came home and cried when I saw the property tax bill. Ugh. I can't even put the amount due on here, because I'll cry and my salty tears will ruin Alfreda (my pretty, pretty laptop) and then I won't be able to blog anymore. Sad.

Just know that the school portion of this little bill is $919.02. That goes to pay for all the little delinquents in my neighborhood to go to their graffiti'd school where they don't have textbooks or supplies and really don't learn anything at all.
I'll be posting later as to how I will be making those little bastards earn their $919.02.
I know there are a lot of people who pay higher taxes than I do. That knowledge doesn't make it any easier to pull almost $1500 out of my ass.

Anyway, I'm slowly letting the bitterness of my day seep out of me. It's seeped into some tweets and some emails, allowing me to relax a little.

Here's a little conversation that amused me today:
Coworker 1 searched a patient, got them in gowns and brought them back to the crisis unit.
Coworker 1: She's had 3 pregnancies, 2 bouts of gonorrhea and at least 2 bouts of chlamydia.
Coworker 2: Wow. That was one hell of a thorough search.

So, how was your Monday?

1 comment:

  1. HAHAHAH what a great coworker convo!!
    I hope your day today is better. Isn't the weather so beautiful right now? I almost forgot what it was like to experience something other than 100+ degrees.


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