Wednesday, June 9, 2010

There's nothing to read here.

I was thinking about facebook today. I was thinking about how long I have to wait before I ignore a friend request.
If you ignore right away, they will know right away and will hate you much sooner than may be necessary. If you wait long enough, they may forget they friended you at all and then it won't matter.
I knew right away I was going to 'ignore' the person. It's just a matter of etiquette at this point.

I was also thinking about wedding songs. And Dairy Queen blizzards.
And redecorating my bathroom.
Also, using an old window or window frame to hang some pictures in my dining room.

And the cat who used to live in my yard but I gave away on Craigslist.
Then, I was thinking about Craigslist and how I've been screwed every time there is a free hot tub up for grabs. Every time.

Anyway, I don't really have anything to say. I was just online updating my blog frog community and my twitter peeps, etc. and thought I'd stop by and say hi.

Also, I took the 'Which Real Housewives of New York are you?' quiz. Guess what?
I'm Luann. Luann.
I'm not really sure how I feel about that yet. I'm going to take the RHONew Jersey quiz tomorrow and see how I fare.

I took a picture of my hacked up rose bush today. You can see that there really isn't much left (bottom left corner). I think I'm pretty good with the hedge clippers.

This is an updated picture of the pond. You can see that it is cleaned up a little from the previous pic.
The lillies are in full bloom and they are so pretty. I even saw a hummingbird on one the other day. So cute.
I'm hopeful that the green sludge will be going away soon. The new uv filter seems to be working. That could just be my wishful thinking though.
Keep your fingers crossed. :)

What's your etiquette for ignoring facebook friend requests?
Are you a Real Housewives addict? If so, which one do you relate to the most or dislike the least?


  1. I dont really have an etiquette for ignoring people on Fb (or real life for that matter) If I dont like the person I ust ignore them. All quick like!

  2. I don't really use facebook all that much and i NEVER have people request me that I don't know/like, so I am of no help there lol.

    I have only wanted RHONew York and those ladies are wacko....sooooooo crazy! All of them!! lol.

    Nice pond :)

  3. I had one of those on Facebook recently. This guy just will not get the hint. We used to be friends and I deleted him and then now he has tried to re-add me about 10 times. This last time I just left him in the friend queue for like 2 months and finally just ignored last week.

  4. I think you are thinking entirely too much, or maybe I need to be thinking more. Thanks for the support!-Mismaelstrom

  5. Wait.

    Someone can tell if you ignore it right away?


  6. The only way they can tell you've ignored them at *any* point is if they go to your profile and see "add as a friend" (instead of "friend request pending").

    If I'm going to ignore, I do it right away. However, if someone is worth ignoring, they gennnnnerally are worth blocking, too (blocking them means they'll never be able to see you, your profile, or any of your activity on FB unless you unblock them). And that being said, my account is locked down to friends only 95% of the time...

    ...I'm kind of a jerk. ;)


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