Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My sanity is intact and my granny panties are no more.

That's what my bedroom looked like earlier today. Yes, I cleaned out my closets today. I also washed my sheets as you can tell by the bare bed.
I know. I know. You guys warned me against trying on clothes while being invaded by TOM. But, I did it anyway. I'm a rebel like that.

Anyidowhatiwant, I actually survived the ordeal. I got rid of several ratty bras that I'm not sure why I was hanging onto. Also several pairs of underwear that were just a little too 'granny' to justify keeping.

What did I learn from this little ocd adventure?
I learned that a lot of the pants that I didn't think would fit, actually fit. I learned that my bathing suit doesn't look nearly as bad as I thought that it did. I learned that that little skirt I thought was really cute, actually isn't. I also learned that when trying on clothes, especially bras, make sure the county's grass cutting crew isn't in the park behind your house. Or make sure your curtains are closed.
So, I didn't have a breakdown and end up rocking in the corner muttering to myself. And now, my drawers are organized. Win.

I still haven't seen TOM in all of his glory yet. I think he's just effing with me this month. Bastard.

I weighed in today. For anyone who cares about my Blitz against The Fatness, go check it out:

Also, for those of you who wanted to see the raccoon stuck in the jar, check out this link.

For some reason, the voice of the woman who has the raccoon stuck up in the tree reminds me of the woman in this catheter commercial. Apparently I've seen this commercial way too many times. It disgusts me every time.


  1. Haha!! Good for you getting all that done! And I haven't weighed myself in weeks! I'm in total denial about it! I swear I literally growl at the scale when I go in the bathroom to pee!

  2. I'm totally impressed. I realized today that I was wearing homeless underwear. Again. I really need to look at my unders before I put them on in the morning. Nothing like getting all dressed up in grown up clothes only to realize that I've got holey, ratty unders on. Guess what's going in the trash tonight?

  3. You are a brave woman! Congrats on getting things organized...I reallllly need to do that.

  4. I have the same storage tubs as you. Only mine are full or purses...and shoes. It's hopeless really.

    Bet it feels good to have purged your closets!

  5. 5 pillows, really?! i have 4 hmmm. i digress....

    ok, anyway CONGRATS!!! I just got a huge bag of clothes for my daughter from my sister-in-law. I will forever be an "even steven". If i throw out/give away clothes i always have more bags coming in!

  6. OMG the reusing catheter commercial!!! I don't even need to watch it to know that I'll gag. But thanks for the link to the raccoon!

    Congrats on getting the closets and drawers cleaned and that is great news about your pants and bathing suit! Bonus!

  7. I need to go through all my sh-tuff, too. I just need to work up the... energy? It exhausts me just THINKING about it.


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