Monday, May 17, 2010

Save any for me?

The day my pup revealed her ninja ways.

This was going to be a Memoir Monday, but Travis isn't doing that this week. He's doing something much more important. Go here to check it out.

On with the dog story. I was thinking back on some of my pup's antics while she was pacing around the vet's office today having a panic attack. She really doesn't like the vet. Or needles.

I remembered one day in particular when I decided to take her to the grocery store with me. She had been in the car before and did well. The decision to take her with me was based on the fact that I trusted her more in the car than in the house.

I was visiting my Mom and Dad and while I was able to Skye-proof my own house, I wasn't sure I could Skye-proof theirs. There was just too much that she could get into. So, in the car she went.

Mom and I went to the first grocery store to get all the essentials. I picked up a bunch of stuff, including a family pack of ground beef and a bag of bagels. I stashed them in the back of the car. Then, Mom decided she wanted to run into the drug store.

We decided that the food would be safe. It was only a couple minutes, what could happen?

Ten minutes later, we returned to the car to find the pup sitting quietly in the back seat. We rode home and started to unload everything.

That's when we saw it. Apparently, Skye was hungry.

She had eaten exactly half of my family pack of ground beef and exactly half of my bag of bagels. Half. The other half of both items was perfectly intact. Hell, you couldn't even tell she had gotten into the bags until you opened them up.

She was so sneaky. A little food hoarding ninja!

We tried to be angry at her, but it was hard. We couldn't stop laughing at how stealthy she was.

Her stealth resurfaced a couple months later after I baked an apple sheet cake with caramel icing. I left it on the counter and went to work. When I returned home, the pan was upside down on the floor and the pup was running like crazy through the house, drinking water wherever she could find it. Have you ever seen a husky on a sugar high? It's freaky. And hilarious!

Needless to say, Skye does not come grocery shopping with me anymore and I have learned how to hide a cake.


  1. The lab use to drink my margarita's if I wasn't looking..

    Next morning.. I would be on the couch with a hangover..and poor Tootsie would be under the kitchen table.. eyes rolled back.. tongue hanging out.. just hoping she could die...

    We made a pair.. Sunday mornings were ugly on the farm..

  2. That is amazing! My cats are definitely the opposite of sneaky when it comes to taking food. They'll flip over a whole trash can if they have to.

  3. The only thing Lola does is vacuum the kitchen floor....but then again she is a little 8lb half jack russell half chihuahua. She can't reach the kitchen counters! When we shared a house with my in laws she was a monster if we left her home alone. She ate a box of tic tacs...part of the plastic box too and a few brownies. Both accidentally got left on the table!

  4. Haha! Animals are such food hoovers, I don't understand... one of our two cats will want ANYTHING we're eating - cheese, lettuce, potato chips... just because it's food. Sheesh.


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