Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Fatness may be expanding.

It's weigh in day again. I know I'm a day late. Well, given the time of day, I'm actually two days late.
I have been trying to upload my little scale picture for the past 10 minutes but my laptop is apparently rebelling against me and everything that I want to do. Yay!
Even my font is weird. I hope it doesn't show up like this on the actual post.
Anyweigh, I gained 0.8 pounds. Not too bad.
I did absolutely no exercise unless you count the pathetic yoga session I did yesterday. I don't count it only because I was hunched over and could only do it halfass at best.
I have meals planned for the entire week and have actually been sticking to my menu, which is great for me. I am also seeing sunshine for the first time in 3 days so a walk may be in my near future and the funk may be lifting.
You know, I'm getting really sick of halfassing this whole weight loss thing. I'm getting nowhere because I'm not really committing to it. I'm annoyed with myself. I'm annoyed with my fat.
I have decided to do what I should have done months ago - follow the only plan that has worked for me. Weight Watchers. I can't actually afford to join and go to meetings or even follow online (WW, if you are reading this, feel free to sponsor me and my empty wallet). I've tried to work it into the budget, but there is no budge.
So, what I am toying around with is creating another blog. A site where I will post a daily food journal and tracking my points.
The purpose is to have some accountability. Since I won't have the Fat Club (aka WW) scale nazi hovering over me and making me atone for my fat discretions, I will have you. I trust you, my faithful Girly Bitz readers to hold me accountable and be my virtual Fat Club Scale Nazi.
So, what do you think? Are you up for the task?
I sure hope so.
I will post the info on the new blog once I get it all set up.
Don't fret, my pets. I will still be maintaining the sarcasm, homicidal rantings and adorable dog pictures you have come to love here at Girly Bitz.

Come back tomorrow for a delish Tandoori Chicken recipe for Share a Spoon. That is, if our Tandoori Chicken turns out to be any good. This will be our first time making it.


  1. I think the blog might be good for you; something you are held accountable to sort of. Wishing you luck...

  2. You can make Tandoori Chicken?! I hope it turns out because I need a good recipe!

  3. "Fat Club Scale Nazi" OMG! I needed that laugh today.

    Keep at it!


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