Saturday, April 10, 2010

There is sandy beer in my near future.

Hey there blogger peeps. Happy Saturday! It's gorgeous where I am. I hope it is where you are too. I thought I'd check in and say hi since I probably won't be online for the next couple days.
I'm hitting the road to spend some time with the parental units. I'm also getting in some much needed girl time. Sometimes it really sucks having your best girls live 2 hours away. Of course, the fact that they live at the beach is nice. I'm really looking forward to some salt air and cold beer by the bay.
Aaaaaah. I'm relaxed already.
I'm also really looking forward to seeing my girls. These girls have been some of the best friends I've ever had. They are smart, beautiful, independent women who are just down to earth and real. They've always loved me for who I am, fat and all. Hell, one of them has even driven me home while migraining/barfing in her back seat. That's friendship, people.
It's been hard being so far away from them. We make it work, though.
Anybffs, I'm loading up the pup and heading to Taylorville for the weekend. I would love to spend the day online catching up on my bloggy love, but my toes need to be in the sand. It's a spring fever emergency.
Thank you to all the new peeps who have dropped by and decided to follow. I'm so excited to get to know you. I've been checking out your sites, but haven't had a chance to really do much else. I'll be back to spreading the love and blog frogging in a couple days. Until then, have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. Have a fabulous time at the beach! I am with you on the spring fever thing, I just escaped to warmer weather too! :)


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