Friday, April 9, 2010


There is danger afoot, my peeps. My secret identity is at risk of being exposed. Apparently, my security measures are not quite as secure as I had thought. Much like my 'guard dog' above.

Of course, I haven't really taken any extreme measures other than just keeping my lips sealed in certain company.

What the hell am I talking about?

Well, I have been making every effort to keep this blogging thing a secret from certain people in my life.

I've spoken about it before here. There are just some things I choose not to share with family. Mainly Mom. She might find it very humorous and she may even be proud but I just don't think that would be the case. I'd rather not have to explain my use of foul language. It's just easier.

So, recently, I've had problems with infiltrators. Apparently, MB made a comment at the firehouse one day about the blog. That's when it started.
One of the guys has now made it his life's mission to find this blog and is now stalking me in an effort to do so. This is one of the guys I have never even met. He took it upon himself to friend me on facebook, which I ignored. Then he tried to get my brother to get it out of me. Now, he's got some of the other guys at the firehouse texting me, asking me where I blog. I feel like I'm being watched!
I can't even walk around the house in my underwear because they might be watching.
It's out of control!
I've been putting them off. So far. I just know they are going to keep at it until I cave and tell them all my dirty secrets.
I really wish firefighters weren't so much like little old biddies at the hair salon.
What would you guys do?
Give up the secret identity and come clean?
Or keep lying and hope the boys get a new hobby?


  1. Keep lying, something sparkly will attract their attention sooner or later and take the heat off you.

  2. Set up a dummy blog and only post benign things on it. Then let that blog address slip to them. Once they realize that you're just talking about, well, nothing, they'll give up on it.

  3. But remember when you set up your dummy blog for them, make it a whole new blog with a whole new email address. Otherwise, if they look at your profile they'll find this one.


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