Sunday, April 4, 2010

Did someone say they have peeps? Mmmm.

Hey everyone. Happy Easter! Hope you are all having a great day.
I spent the bulk of my day manning the phones in the crisis unit. Good times.
No perverts, no drama queens, no drunks.
That's always a good thing.
I was reminded of a client I saw way too much of awhile back. Have you ever had someone repeatedly masturbate not 10 feet from you?
No? That's a shame.
Have you ever been seated at your desk only to turn around and find an erect penis under hospital gowns at eye level?
It's quite an experience. Especially when it happens not once, but three times.
That was one hell of a shift.
Anyeastereggs, there was none of that today.
MB and I celebrated the holiday by cleaning out the laundry room. The moldy busted up entertainment center that has been in there for almost a year is finally on the curb. We have so much space in there now, it's like we have a whole new room.
A brand new, spider filled room.
In case you don't know, my downstairs is infested with spiders. Giant evil axe wielding spiders. Well, not really. They are sneaky bastards though. I was watching tv last night and one just came down from the ceiling almost into my lap (shudder). Ick. Super ick.
I get all panicky and screechy just thinking about it.
Anybunnies, I've been playing around with the background again. I like the water because I am a beach bunny at heart and always will be. However, I like the bike seat because it relates to how this blog got it's name. If you haven't read the story about my girly bitz and the quest to find them comfort, go here. It's kind of funny.
Well, that's all I have for now. I'm going to go chillax and watch some more Rescue Me. I downloaded season 1 and started rewatching it last night. I had forgotten how good it was in the beginning. If you've never seen it, you should check it out.
If you ever watched 21 Jump Street and want to relive that magic, don't. Trust me. It isn't as good as you remember. (sigh)


  1. Ohhhh public masterbator...lucky you!

  2. I hate spiders.. and those damn axe welding ones are the very scariest...

  3. Ha ha - funny you mention peeps - I just saw a 'easter special' on the food network about a "peeps artist"... yes, you heard me, a peeps artist. a man that spends the majority of his life making artwork with peeps birds, bunnies and all other peeps products.

    That's 15 minutes of my life I will never get back.

    Where do people find the time to do things that like?

  4. GAH! GAH! GAH! Totally got the full-body heebie jeebies just READING that. D:

  5. It was pretty heebie jeebie inducing!
    Funny you mention that peeps guy, PPip. My friends and I were just talking about entering a Peeps Show contest. You make a diaroma (sp?) using peeps and enter it to be judged. Some of them are pretty elaborate. There's a lot of really bored people out there.


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