Monday, April 5, 2010

My 10th picture.

Gun Diva had a really fun post today. She got the idea from this fellow blogger and I think it's cute so I'm playing along. The idea is to go into your picture file and pick the 10th picture. Don't pick and choose. Just go to the 10th one and then post it along with the story behind it.

So, that's mine. I know I've posted it before, but rules are rules. I'm not breaking Gun Diva's rules. She packs heat.
This is my adorable pup. She usually goes with me when I visit my parents. At first, she was a nervous wreck being in a strange place. Now, she is right at home. Mom always has a new toy waiting for her when she arrives and of course, I pack a few too.
Skye girl loves her toys. Stuffed animals with squeakers inside are her favorites. She finds where the squeaker is, chews a little hole in the animal and then proceeds to take out the stuffing with her mouth piece by piece. Once she gets to the squeaker, she takes that out too. Then, she is done. It's a pretty tiring process, as you can see. She kills the toy and then lays her little head on it and rests.
She looks innocent and sweet until you try to take the toy from her. She will bite your face off!
That's my girl.
So, what's your 10th picture?


  1. Yay! Thanks for playing along!

    I thought my step-dog was the only one who killed squeaky animals. I can't stand the sound the squeakers make, so I never buy them, but she's helped herself to one or two of the squeaky toys at RCC's parents' place.

  2. Cute pup! My dogs wont even play with toys.


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