Friday, April 2, 2010

Those would be so hot without the muffin top.

I'm a little late with the Girl Talk Thursday, but I'm okay with it. Hopefully you are too. The sickness still has me feeling all fuzzy in the head and discombobulated. I've got this weird pressure in my head that feels like I've been on an airplane but also like I have cotton balls stuffed in my ears. I've been saying "huh?" to way too many people and I have no idea how loud my car stereo is. Some guy gave me a funny look today and I can only assume it's because I was playing "Bust a Move" just a little too loud.
Oh well. What can I do?
It's a really good song.
Anyway, on with the girly talk...
The topic for GTT this week: What do you wear to feel sexy/powerful/awesome?
I have many items that make me feel hot when I wear them.
Here are just a few:
1. My black wedge sandals. I love these shoes. They are all black with a 3 inch platform type sole and a wide black leather band across the top. They are high enough to make me feel tall and sexy but stable enough that I don't fall and make an ass of myself. Perfect.

2. My size 8 Gap jeans. These are perhaps the best jeans I've ever owned. They fit perfectly (when I'm a size 8, of course) and hug all my curves in just the right places. They are the jeans I strive to wear again.

3. My pink printed sundress. I bought a little pink and white printed sundress to wear to a couple weddings when I first started dating MB. It's kind of stretchy material but doesn't cling too tightly. It's sleeveless with a v-neck and the skirt part is sort of an a-line shape, with just a little swing. It's another one of those items I'm striving to wear again.

4. My turqouise wrap shirt. I got this little shirt when I was thin and I love it. It's a light turquoise linen shirt that wraps around and ties on the side. Super cute and very cleavage friendly. Yet another item I'm striving to wear again.

Sensing a theme here, anyone?
I'm too fat for all the clothes that make me feel good.
Except for the shoes.

If I had to name an item in my current wardrobe that makes me feel sexy/powerful/awesome - I'm not sure I could come up with anything.
My wardrobe has definitely become more comfort/conceal/contain rather than sexy/powerful/awesome.
When I first shed the pounds at the start of 2004, my girls and I went shopping and stocked up on cute, small clothes. We had all taken the journey and all felt great about buying smaller sizes. That was the sexiest summer for me by far. I felt so confident and pretty. That's the year that I met MB.
When I started to get busy (giggity) with him and dating and starting our life together, I started to stray from the Fat Club way of life. The pounds started creeping back on and I didn't even know it.
6 years later and a closet full of skinny clothes is staring me in the face as I squeeze into my fat clothes again.
This post has been a good motivator. GTT has given me all the more incentive to shed the fat. I have some really cute clothes just tucked away waiting to be worn. It's time to regain my sexy/powerful/awesome self!
No more hiding in oversized fleeces and stretchy pants. I'm getting my ass in gear and back into my cute clothes.
Thanks GTT for this much needed kick in the ass.
You 're the best.


  1. C'mon girl, you can do it. Just start tracking your food, make an effort to get some kind of activity in every day (even cleaning the house counts!) and drink lots of H20.
    You know you can do it. you've done it before. you just have to keep reminding yourself how absolutely fantastick you felt in those size 8 gap jeans and that cute turquoise wrap top. It need to be in the forfront of your mind, day in, day out.

    Don't let life get in the way of making yourself happy.

  2. Thanks PPip. I know I can do it. I'm actually sitting here planning a menu for the coming week along with an exercise schedule. Skinny jeans, here I come!

  3. Thanks for the motivation. I've got a whole closet full of amazing clothes, but can't fit into them. Guess I've got to work on that, 'cause I'm in the comfy clothes stage (which really means fat clothes).

  4. I saw you followed and wanted to stop by.. take a little swim... and leave you a thank you..

  5. Awww the size 8 gap jeans haunt me too. Still 4 kids later and 10 (gasp) sizes bigger...I still long for how well they fit.
    I love your blog saw you over on sits blogfrog and am stoping by to say hi. I feel your pain and love this post. I to am back on the weight loss wagon after falling of and am so freaked out to see how much has made its way back on my ass. But Guess I have to start somewhere. I'm now a follower...


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