Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weigh in

It's that time again. I don't want to face the scale, because I know I didn't make all the effort I wanted to this week. I won't waste time focusing on the things I didn't do this week. Instead, I'm going to suck it up and go face the scale.

Give me just a sec - I have to strip and getting out of this snuggie can sometimes be difficult for a clumsy girl like me.
Entertain yourselves with a fun topic for pondering: How drunk would you have to be to luge through the express lane at your local Walmart and what would you use to luge in? (cue Final Jeopardy music)
And I'm back. So I am down 1 pound! Not too bad.
While I was in there, I figured I'd fire up the wii fit just to see what it had to say. That was one of my goals for last week after all. A goal that I didn't meet.
Anyweigh, I'm pretty sure it's evil. When I stepped on the wiiji board to update my weight and stuff (it's been quite awhile since I used it), the board said "oh". See? Evil! And super bitchy.
Of course the wiiji says that I am obese and that balance is "not my forte" and that I am 42 years old in wii years. That's a wii bit older than my actual age (teeheehee). She then said that I need to get the hell off of her before she collapses. Bitch.
So, now I'm going to go do some wii fitness because I have a vendetta. I had to steal batteries from 2 different remotes to even get the wiiji board to come on. Then she has the nerve to insult me?! It's on (knuckles cracking). The snuggie is off and I mean business!
*In case you were wondering - My goals for next week are the same as last week. With the addition of showing the wiiji bitch who's boss, of course.
**Also in case you were wondering - 2 Stellas, 1 shot of tuaca and a carseat.


  1. Hooray! Congrats on the 1 pound loss, that is awesome! Hmm and for me... if I drank... it would probably take a bottle of wine... and a chaise lounge. Hehehe.

  2. WaHoo. I love losing weight when I think I've lost nothign (except for my sanity).
    um, to answer your final jeopardy: I would have to down 8 mojito's and 3 shots of tequilla before I could see myself doing that... and I would totally use a crazy carpet... those things are FAST!

    I hate Wii. I mean it's fun, but I hate the judging. She's always judging me. When PJ steps on, she sayd "great!" when I step on, it's always "oh!", as in "oh, you almost broke me you chubby bitch".... So then I ump on her (just a little bit) to remind her who's boss.

  3. HA! I love it. Jumping on her to show her who's boss - I'm glad I'm not the only vindictive one around here. :) Never thought of the chaise lounge and I don't know what a crazy carpet is, but it sounds awesome!


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