Friday, February 19, 2010

Fire cleanses all.

It's been a crazy week around here for me in the crisis unit. I've had a wide range of interesting clients.
A couple chronics one of whom reminds me of a homeless puppy, a couple addicts, one scumbag who was lying through his teeth, a manic who was super polite but also condescending and a little too syrup-y because of the mania, and a nurse from hell who I wanted to punch in the face. Quite a week. It all made me want to put my snuggie on and cozy up to some RHOC drama.
(Btw, when did it become appropriate to mention boobs to a pastor? Wtf?)
Oh, and I may or may not have been exposed to little bugs. I think the odds of me being bugged are low, but I'm itching everywhere and I showered like I've never showered before when I got home. I also washed everything I was wearing, came into contact with or was near.
The pup excluded. She doesn't fit in the washing machine.
MB is taking extra precautions of course. He suggested I wear a hazmat suit, which I refused to do. Those things are so unflattering. He then tried to contain me in the huge mass of blankets I was under because it's cold in here. When that didn't work, he walked away mumbling something about not trusting me and not wanting the plague. His latest move is to throw lit matches at me because "fire cleanses all". (sigh)
He did buy me new batteries for the wiiji bitch so I'll be taking out my frustrations on her today. That little whore called me "unbalanced" 7 times the other day. Seriously? I'm not chunking soccer balls and pandas in her face. She's the unbalanced one. Bitch.
I'm totally jumping on her today.


  1. What the hell do you do?

    And bugs? What kind of bugs? GROSS.

  2. I'm a social worker in a psychiatric crisis unit. We see just about everything! Including the occasional bug. Some of our homeless clients are less than hygienic.
    I heart my job. Bugs and all.


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