Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weigh in.

I just realized I completely forgot to post my weigh in last week. I am really slacking. I'm back this week, though. I gained 1 pound. I am continuing to struggle lately. The things I'm doing well are: meal planning, water intake, eating healthier snacks and not binge eating. The things I'm not doing so well are: eating out, not getting enough exercise and not sticking to the points every day.
It has been a stressful couple weeks for me what with the return visit of TOM. I'm sad to say he has returned for a third visit this month. I'm starting to get concerned. I think it's time to call the doctor because this is not normal for me at all. Looking up stuff online is only making me freak out more. Ugh.
Female troubles aside, I am seriously stepping it up this week. I just went for a 20 minute walk with the pup. I am going to do some wii fit tonight. It's been quite awhile since I used it and I want to get back into it.
My goals for the week:
1. Call the doctor!
2. Do wii fit (or regular wii) at least 2 times.
3. Do Slim in 6 at least 3 times.
4. NO EATING OUT! Stick to my scheduled meals, blizzard or no blizzard!
I know I can do it. More importantly, I want to do it. No more half assing it. This is it!


  1. "YOU CAN DO IT" ***picture a small man with a spanish accent and a moustash pumping one fist in the air as he says this***

    Go girl - It's not easy, but it will be totally worth it.

  2. You can totally do it!

    How old are you? I'm sure it's nothing but three times in one month, you should probably get the doc to check you out. Dr. Google is not your friend in a case like this! lol

  3. I'm 35. It probably is just nothing, but I am going to the doc. I can't keep pms-ing! Someone's going to get hurt!
    Thanks for the support guys. :)


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