Sunday, February 7, 2010

Underwhere? hair

I feel an overwhelming obligation to post something else so that Rod Stewart and his protruding pubic hair don't take center stage for anyone who stops by to check me out today. I'd rather that not be the first thing new visitors see. What kind of impression would that make? I may become known as some Rod Stewart loving weirdo with an obsession for teeny male bikinis.

Not that there's anything wrong with loving Rod Stewart. Love who you want. Who am I to judge?
So, what's been going on in my life lately?
We got a couple feet of snow over the weekend and I'm loving it!
Unfortunately I have had to work all weekend. Being an 'essential employee' kind of stinks. I'd rather be a lazy fatass in a snuggie sitting by the fire. Well, not entirely lazy. I would be getting up periodically to coax the pup out into the snow.
She's having a little trouble maneuvering in the deep, deep snow. As you can see. My poor girl.
It's so pitiful. I'm going to have to clear her a little pee path. Unless I can get MB to do it.
Aside from dealing with the princess and her pee, I have been channeling my inner redneck and it's been awesome! Yeehaw! The jeep is so much fun. I forgot how much I miss four wheelin. It used to be such a part of my life, but that's for another post.
Today, I had the pleasure of sitting in my office listening to a patient very loudly describe her hemorrhoids and how painful they are. She then loudly proceeded to request some bath wipes to help with the burning and discomfort. I believe her also very loud sighs of relief when exiting the bathroom the second time indicate that she was given said bath wipes.
(sigh) I love my job. Anyway, I think I'm going to be the one shoveling the pee path since MB just texted me that his back hurts from all the shoveling he's already done. I guess I'll cut him some slack. He has been doing a lot of manly chores this weekend. And he did make me lamb curry last night. Mmm. He's like the best boyfriend ever.
Enough for today. I'm fresh out of things to say. Later.


  1. Oie, I saw that picture of Rod and threw up.... but managed to keep it in my mouth. (j/k)

    Gross. The 80's were the worst decade for men's fashion.
    Short shorts, tankinis and belly tops..... I don't know what made them think that slutty woman's clothing would look good on them....

  2. Just think...all fashion trends come back around. (shudder)


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