Sunday, February 7, 2010

If you think I'm sexy...

I don't think men today truly understand what sexy is.
No one I know wears a male tankini and I don't understand why. It's super hot.
Especially when the speedo part is super small and tight.
Nothing says 'come here baby' like the stretched out stripes of a spandex banana hammock struggling to hold it all in.
You just can't take your eyes off it because you don't want to miss it. Your guy reaches for the sunscreen and...oops, it's out! He leans over to hand you a beer and...oops, there it is! Oh my, what happened honey? Could you please bend over and get me that towel while your out? I mean up.

My favorite part has to the underthere hair peeking out from the top. I thought back hair peeking out of the collar was sexy. Oh man. I had no idea!
I'm totally making MB wear this for the summer. Who am I kidding? I'm totally making him wear it now. Why wait for summer!


  1. LOL that is so funny! I love Rod Stewart but, the male tankini has to go!

  2. And now I'm speechless. (That doesn't happen often.)


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