Saturday, February 6, 2010

Five questions.

So, Chibi answered this little quiz that someone sent to her. She then opened it up to her readers to give their own answers. I'm always up for these kinds of things. So, here goes...
Apparently I have to answer five questions with five answers, and then tag five people...
Question 1:
Where were you five years ago?
1. In the middle of a breakdown,
2. having just moved to a new town,
3. where I started a new job,
4. and knew no one but MB.
5. Did I mention I was in the middle of a breakdown?

Question 2:
What is (was) on your to do list today?
1. Dig the Jeep out of the snow. check
2. Make it to work safely. check
3. Rescue a stranded driver by giving him a ride home. okay that wasn't on the list, but it is now because it made me feel really good. And that's okay.
4. Eat lamb curry and Indian food with MB. I may not get to do this one because I may be stranded at work indefinitely until the blizzard subsides.
5. Catch up on my bloggy love. doing it now. :)

Question 3:
What five snacks do you enjoy?
(only five, really? really?)
1. cheddar rice cakes
2. dessert flavored yogurts
3. WW ice creams - the new ice cream candy bar is my fave. Seriously, you should try it, it's delish.
4. popcorn
5. chips and salsa

Question 4: What five places have you lived?
1. my parent's house
2. my little apartment at the beach
3. my little bat infested apartment with the cute patio and the walk in closet
4. my apartment with MB with the stinky neighbor who smelled like stale milk and feet
5. Our house that needs lot of repairs but has a really cool fish pond and lots of room. Yay!

Question 5:
What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?
1. Travel
2. Take care of my family
3. Open up my own group home for the mentally ill.
4. Also open up my own dog rescue/foster center.
5. Never dye my own hair again!

And there you have it. If you want to play along, please do.


  1. Yay! You did it! Also? TWO gold stars for helping the stranded motorist. <3


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