Saturday, February 27, 2010

MB defends my honor.

So, MB and my brother work in the same firehouse. If you know anything about firehouse dynamics, you know that nothing is sacred. Wives, girlfriends, bodily functions - it's all open for ridicule. You can just imagine the fun they have with me.
Of course, they MB and my brother handle the situation with the utmost decorum and respect (snicker).
This lovely little facebook exchange is a perfect example:

MB: Finally home after a week of work. Thanks much to the Donaways for letting me stay in thier Castle.

FF1: Great job teaching man
Yesterday at 6:48pm

MB: Thanks, it was a good class. Seems like it was much better then if I had to teach it the MFRI way.
Yesterday at 7:15pm

FF2: it was interesting
Yesterday at 9:58pm

My Brother: yeah yeah, bad old mfri.......
Yesterday at 10:12pm

FF 3: did u eat any of the students? and how did you make out having your fellow member of the Yeti species in the class??? u boink his sister tonite?? :-)
Yesterday at 10:17pm

My Brother: hey, hey, hey!!!!
Yesterday at 10:22pm

MB: Had to wait till this morning.
4 hours ago

(groans and sighs)
If my mother ever does figure out facebook, I'm screwed!

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