Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weigh in.

I'm in kind of a time crunch as I write this post.

Due to the accidental porn infection on my computer (refer to 'an ice cream kind of week'), I have been graciously granted access to MB's computer. Of course, he is freaking out about the possibility of me infecting his computer with porn.

In an effort to prevent this from happening, MB has kindly opened up the four websites which I required access to. Only those four. I have been forbidden to open up anything else or surf for puppy videos or cupcake recipes or anything.

It's like I'm grounded. He has also limited my computer time to 1/2 hour, which I have totally gone over already.

Don't fret though. The pup and I are rebelling. She is using her muddy feet to track pawprints all over his office and I am reorganizing his bookshelves. Just try and find Nations at War in your military section buddy! It's not there. Ha ha ha!

Anyweigh (teeheehee), I am maintaining as far as the pounds go. No change. That is a good thing though. Despite douchebags trying to sabotage me (again, 'an ice cream kind of week') I have had an awesome week. I'm so proud of my little fat ass!
Tuesday I took a 30 minute walk with my Skye girl. Wednesday and Thursday I did Slim in 6. Thursday I also did yoga after doing Slim in 6.
Friday was the douchebag incident of which I will not speak yet. I decided to comfort myself with Indian food that day. Not the best decision with respect to my weight loss, but definitely the right decision for my soul.
Saturday I took a 20 minute walk with my Skye girl and Sunday I did Slim in 6 again.
My meal planning was excellent for breakfasts and lunches. Tons of fruits and veggies and healthy stuff. My dinners would have been great but this was a fairly social week for MB and I and we ate out 4 nights. Again, definitely good for the soul.
I didn't see any changes on the scale, but I have had positive results off the scale. My pants fit just a little bit better. My muscles are tightening up just a little bit. I'm just a little less out of breath on the stairs. And I have so much more energy and confidence. Getting my fat ass in motion has done wonders to motivate me.
I'm looking forward to a loss on the scale next week and even better results off the scale.
I will post again when I'm allowed!
Looking forward to checking in with everyone. Hope you are all doing well. :)


  1. "And I have so much more energy and confidence."

    That is the BEST! So happy for and proud of you. :)

  2. So glad you're feeling the effects of your healthier choices.

    Indian food, I would walk over broken glass for indian food...that and Thai are my hands down favorites.

  3. Bah ha - porn infections.... PJ (husband) got a porn infection on our computer - I banned him from checking email until he could learn not to open emails entitled "senoritas:XXXXX". *he claims to this day that he didn't "know" it ws porn., ya ok....

    Yeay on the scale front - not gaining after a douche bag kind of week is fantastic!

  4. You guys are too funny. Thanks for the support.
    MB was looking over my shoulder as I was posting this. He kept reminding me that my time was up. I may not ever get to use his computer again.


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