Sunday, January 24, 2010

an ice cream kind of week.

What a week it's been for me!

I infected my computer with something and MB says it's now completely effed.
There I was innocently trying to send my Mom a birthday ecard and then - BAM - porn! Dammit.
Now, I'm cut off from the interwebs! It's awful!
Thank God for my blackberry that I don't really know how to use yet. At least I can tweet and FB and all that fun stuff to some extent.
Thank God also for computers at work. And for down time, which I promise not to abuse. (that's for my boss who occasionally reads my stuff and who is probably the best boss I've ever had)
MB has cut me off from his computer though. He doesn't want me infecting him with porn.

I suffered a huge blow to my self esteem while also finding out that certain people in my life were total douchebags. I won't elaborate further at this time because I'm still trying to deal with the situation (not of the Jersey Shore nature).
Just know that the whole thing has the potential to send me right back into the arms of my dear friends, Ben and Jerry. But it hasn't.
So far, anyway. The situation is far from over and although I'm trying to be positive and move forward, it's going to be hard.
I'm determined not to let it get me down though. :)

I learned that my painting skills are really not that good. That's one more thing I can't fall back on when I decide to give up the glamorous life of psych crisis. (sigh)
You see, MB and I have the luxury of a lot of space. We are but two people with 6 rooms. Each of us has an office. Each of us has a living room (sort of). Of course, we share a bedroom (giggity). And then we have the wii room.
Ahh. The wii room.
It's been the bane of our existence since we bought our home.
Initially, this room was pink. Pepto Bismol snuggie pink. The walls, ceiling, closet, fan blades...all snuggie pink.
At first, it was my office. My goal was to have teal/turqouise colored walls to accent my dark wood furniture. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?
After I chose the paint color, MB offered to paint it for me.
I can't remember how that offer came about, but I think it's because MB is the best betrothed ever and always does really nice things for no other reason than his pure unadulterated love for me.
Anyway, he paints the whole room. Turquoise walls. White ceiling.
About halfway through, I notice that it's really bright. Like neon bright.
I figure it will look better once it dries.
Way too neon.
Of course, MB then refuses to repaint the room because he did all this work and I picked the wrong color. It has now become my problem. He's done.
So, I spend the next year or so trying to pick a new color.
After sampling various shades of purple on the wall, because I decide I want a soft purply color, I choose yellow.
Of course, I buy a super bright yellow in a super glossy paint and it looks like a really shiny banana. So, I have to mix my banana yellow with the cream color I used to paint the room that is now my office.
And it's cute. Not so banana like.
And it's now our guest room/exercise/wii room.
Which has been unused until recently when I restarted Slim in 6. (yay me!)
So, as I'm lying on the floor doing crunches and trying to think about anything but the pain, I notice the ceiling.
Apparently I messed up a few spots when retouching the ceiling. Most people wouldn't mind a few noticeable off white areas on a sea of white white. I, however, am too anal to let it go.
Hopefully my laziness/procrastination will dominant my ocd because I really don't feel like painting. (sigh)

On a more positive note this week...I have been getting my fat ass in motion! Yay!
I have done Slim in 6 twice so far. Even though my hip is popping loudly and disgustingly while I do side crunches, I keep going. I've been able to do Start it Up (the first segment) all the way through without stopping. This is huge because it's been a really long time since I've done this program. Or anything for that matter.
I'm so proud!
I've also walked with the pup twice and done yoga once.

Those little victories are keeping me going this week.
I need something now that Jersey Shore is over.
And Mariska Hargitay didn't win the SAG award...again. WTF?!! When will Olivia Benson get her props? When, people?


  1. realizing people are douchebags is hard but we all go through it. sads

  2. OMG, paint. I painted my bathroom turquoise. It was. god. awful. I hated it so much - more so than I hate *painting* - I repainted it a year later. I wanna see pics!

    Way to go on keeping active! :)

  3. YEAY to exercise.
    BOO to douche bags (did I mention that's my favourite word for people I dislike).

    ugh... painting. I just did my front hall yellow and ran into the same problem. My hallway now resembles a banana on a sunny day.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys!
    Painting is no fun. I'm putting it off as long as I can.
    Hopefully things will work out with the douchebags. I'm so done with them anyway. And they are absolutely not going to keep me down. :)


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