Monday, January 11, 2010

too tired to title

I'm totally sleepwalking through my day today and should not be held responsible for anything that I say or do.
Unless it's something really awesome, then feel free to lavish me with recognition and praise. And riches. Lots of riches.
And can I have a maid too?
Seriously, I'm so tired I feel like I'm drunk. I should probably just be drunk. It would be much more fun.
Except that I'm at work. So it could be kind of a buzz kill.
My Snuggie is totally calling and I can't wait to answer. Oh to be enveloped in it's stinky pepto colored coziness.
There better be a Jersey Shore marathon on tonight because if I have to think, someone could get hurt.

1 comment:

  1. I'm operating on auto-pilot today, too. Sunday nights ALWAYS kick my ass because I've spent the past two days staying up late and sleeping in. I know better, and I know how to prevent the lack of sleep come Monday morning, but it should be AGAINST THE LAW to get up at 6am on a Saturday unless your house is on fire.


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