Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pod dog.

My pup gets a lot of crap from a lot of people because of her 'issues'. I am always right there to defend her. Well, usually.
She's not a normal dog. Poor thing. She's had a rough life. As far as we know anyway. Her life prior to us is a complete mystery.
We were told a lot of things by the shelter lady that turned out to be lies. I have many, many stories which I will share in the future.
For now, just know that we have spent a lot of time working with Skye to get her to where she is today. So, when people make fun of her, we are quick to defend.
People say she is mean. People say she's weird. They say they are afraid of her. They say she's retarded. On and on with the insults. She's not your typical dog. She's unique. She's special.
And I understand her. I love her.
Lately she's been doing some freaky things though. It's making me question whether she's been taken over by aliens.
She spent 20 minutes today standing in the pouring rain. Just standing there. Hanging out. Normally, she refuses to even go out the door. That's how much she hates the rain. It's completely unlike her. She even did it twice. Twice.
Probably something an alien life form would do. Not a pretty, pretty princess who despises getting wet. Just saying.
Then, she ate a Frosty Paw without even touching the paper cup it comes in. The cup was totally intact. Normally, she devours the cup. You have to risk your life in order to get it from her. Or try bribing her with a dog cookie until she drops the cup so you can try to get it before she bites your hand off. Leaving an untouched Frosty Paw cup is huge.
I never knew aliens liked frozen dog desserts. Good information to have though.
The oddest thing she did this week involves the fish pond. She's been walking right over the frozen fish pond. Just strolling right over it. It's not like she doesn't know it's there. It's been there the whole time. She's chased many a cat out of it. She's fully aware of what it is. Yet, she's just walking right over it, like she's oblivious.
It's almost like someone else, with no knowledge of the fish pond, has taken over her body.
I don't know what to do about this problem. I've been given some suggestions but they just seem silly. Holding her ears while counting to pi and blinking nine times is probably not going to work.
I guess I'll just have to wait this one out. In the meantime, I'm standing by with clean towels and a big net for when she actually does fall in the fish pond. Thank God it's not that deep.

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