Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lifetime has dropped the ball.

I am thoroughly confused by someone's hair and I'm not sure what to do about it. I think someone should be held responsible.
I'm watching probably the worst movie ever on Lifetime. I've been watching it for the past two hours. Due to the evil mind control powers of Lifetime, I was unable to change the channel.
Evil bastards.
So, there's this girl named Karla (played by that chic from that show about the 70's) who is married to a total douchebag who is also a rapist. She's basically a nice girl with unfortunate bangs who gets drawn into doing bad things because her douchebag husband beats her if she doesn't.*
I know, it's so unlike any other Lifetime movie I've ever seen.
Important plot point: the douchebag husband has dark brown hair.
Things come to a head and Karla leaves/escapes from the douchebag and his life starts to fall apart.
He's drunk. He's not bathing. He's leaving her psycho stalker messages/confessions of love and threatening to stab himself in the chest.
And this is where I get confused. In the midst of his unraveling, he suddenly gets blonde highlights. That's right. Due to his neglected hygiene, his hair grows and becomes unruly and somehow blonde.
I had no idea that could happen. When I'm having a super lazy weekend where I don't bathe and just stay drunk for two days, I don't get blonde highlights all of a sudden.
Don't get me wrong, it would be pretty awesome.
Weekend of boozing and vegging? Ta-da...blonde highlights.
It's an instant cue to all that you are one hungover bitch who must be approached cautiously if at all. If at all.
I totally need that in my life.
So, anyway. Back to the douchebag.
I thought maybe he was just acting out as part of his psycho stalker attempts to win back his wife. What says 'I'm sorry baby for making you an accomplice to my sexual deviancy' like a makeover?
Of course, I was wrong. Because when it comes time for court, the highlights are miraculously gone. Vanished. Back to dark brown.
Either this guy is like the master of makeovers, or someone really didn't think this story through.
Details are important, people.
I may have to contact someone at Lifetime to complain about this.
I will not stand for such inconsistencies.

*That's what they want me to believe anyway. Clearly I was mislead. Please read the comments for this post to see why.


  1. Sorry to hijack, but Karla Holmolka is NOT A BASICALLY NICE GIRL!!! The movie you're talking about is based on a true story, Paul Bernardo and Karla Holmolka killed at least three girls in horrible, horrible ways before getting caught in Canada. That bitch was at least as involved as her husband but made a deal to testify against him and only served twelve years in prison for her crimes. SHE HELPED RAPE AND MURDER HER OWN SISTER for crying out loud!!! They found video tapes of her participating gleefully in the crimes but stuck to her deal anyway. It's a travesty for the Canadian justice system.


    This is a really touchy subject for most Canadians, and especially for me. One of the murdered girls lived and disapeared four blocks from where I currently live, so it's not a movie likely to appear on my Netflix.

    But you're right, someone should have paid more attention to his makeover.

  2. Wow. Trust me, my intention was not to offend anyone.
    I did some googling so I could better educate myself about this case which I was not aware of.
    This movie clearly does not do justice to the extent of their crimes or her involvement. It's so poorly done that you really don't get a sense of the reality of it. Which is a shame.
    And it truly does attempt to portray her as the victim.
    The makers of this film really dropped the ball on many things apparently.
    Thank you for educating me.


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