Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weigh in.

It's that time again. Weigh in day.
And I am proud to say that after 1 week of really not trying all that hard, I am a loser!!!
My fellow HYCer's - 197. Yay!
I lost 4 pounds. Woohoo!
I would love to say that I was very conscientious and tracked all my meals and exercised and did all the right things. But I didn't. Not consciously, anyway. I think all that Weight Watchers material is still locked in my brain somewhere and is slowly seeping out. Which is not a bad thing.
Here are some of the good things I did this week:
*Only had two beers at the Christmas party last night. And ate salad for lunch in prep for the party.
*Walked around the outlets on Sunday and the mall yesterday. And didn't kill anyone. But just barely. And only because my mother was with me.
*Did not pig out after work this week. Unless popcorn counts. But since it's mostly air, I don't think it does.
*Did not throw rocks at the cat who was sleeping by my back door. Or the one who was eating from my trash.
*Cleaned the house, part of it anyway, which totally counts as activity points. You would understand if you saw my house. Arghh.
Somehow, all of this contributed to making me a loser. Awesome.
Next week, I commit to actually planning and tracking my meals. I commit to eating more fruits and veggies with each meal. I commit to walking at least 4 days next week, which will make the pup very happy. She's been feeling neglected given my busy schedule this week. Poor little thing.
I hope all of you HYCer's had a good week.
Best wishes for all of our continued success, and for continued support to help us through the not so successful weeks. Hell, just to get us through the holidays! I know I'm going to need it.

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