Monday, February 17, 2014

MB will be a very busy man.

     A friend and I were discussing ice dancing, as friends do in the time of the Olympics.  Naturally, the conversation turned to curling.  In sharing my only knowledge of the Olympic events (as I have not watched any of it thus far), I told her another friend had commented on the hotness of the women of curling. 

     She reminded me that, of course, they are still hot.  The sport of curling does not result in any blows to the face resulting in an unfortunate but also hardcore awesome loss of teeth.  One's beauty tends to remain intact. 

     I wish that curling was more of a high impact, injury inducing sport.  It might be the only legitimate excuse I would have to permanently remove sweeping from my chore list. 

     "Sorry, MB.  There is no way I can sweep up all that dog hair and chewed up underwear.  It's way too dangerous." 

     Of course, I could always tell him that I've decided to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming an Olympic curler and I must therefore remove all other chores from my list, focusing only on my sweeping and forcing him to cook, clean and do laundry.   

     Then, it would seem perfectly normal for me to be shouting out "hurry", "die" or "right off" as I was skating around the house chasing after mounds of dog hair and debris. 

     Of course I would be on roller skates.  My floors aren't made of ice. 

1 comment:

  1. I curled once. I could barely move the next day. I always though curling was like golf - they call it a sport, but... it's not really. Man, I was wrong - curling karma came to bite me in the ass when my muscles were so sore I could barely move.


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